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"Dear Members,
I am happy to inform you that brochure for Indo Europe workshop has been uploaded in Anna University website ( ) and I am extremely thankful for helping to bring out the brochure ".


IMS publishes bulletins containing state-of-art feature articles, research round-up, membrane related conferences, activities of the society, and other major events in the Indian and international scene of interest to membranologists. It is also the official news-letter of the Indian Membrane Society.

In addition to its major event of annual national conferences, IMS organises schools, workshops and lectures by eminent scientists on various important aspects of membĀ­rane technology. It also interacts with other societies, organisations, institutions and distinguished scientists for the promotion of science and technology of membranes and fulfilling the objectives of the society.
National Seminar on Advances in Membrane Processes and Materials (AMPM-13) 06the April, 2013.
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