Indian Membrane Society
Individuals, Institutes, Industries who are engaged in research, development, engineering, technology, consultancy or any other aspect of membranes or otherwise interested in membrane technology or related fields may obtain membership of IMS.

Individual membranologists can become annual members of Indian Membrane Society. The period is considered from 1st April of a particular  year to 31st March of the following calendar year. The annual membership fee is Rs. 500/-


Life membership is also applicable to individual membranologists. This requires a payment of Rs. 5,000/- per person only once in a life time, at the time of admission.

This is an annual membership applicable to research scholars/students only, who are devoted to membrane activity for an academic degree, and are not serving elsewhere. The membership fee under this category is Rs. 12/- per person per year. These associate members do not have voting rights. All students are required to send their membership application through their respective guides/academic supervisors.
This is a membership of an institute, organisation, university or a company with IMS. This requires a payment of Rs. 20,000/- per institute once only at the time of admission. The head can recommend or depute another person (instead of himself) to represent the institute by means of a written application to the society.
This is a specialised category of IMS membership decided by IMS board of trustees and executives. Eminent scientists can be invited to become a patron member for their outstanding contribution to membrane science and technology. An individual or an organisation can also become a patron member of the society by making a donation on acceptance by the board of trustees and executives.
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