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  How to become a member
All persons seeking a membership should send the prescribed application form duly filled-in alongwith membership fee to any one of the following board members.
Prof. C. N. Murthy  
( Secretary, Indian Membrane Society)  
Email :  
The form has to be refilled in case of change of membership category or change in address. The renewal of annual or associate membership may be made by sending the appropriate membership fee with a letter expressing desire to continue as the member. Although IMS makes the best effort to remind for renewal of annual/associate mem­bership, it is the responsibility of the member to renew his / her membership in the first quarter of each financial year.
The payment for membership may be made by cash, demand draft or cheque. The demand draft and cheque should be drawn in favour of "Indian Membrane Society" and must be made account payee only. Demand draft should be made payable at Baroda. An appropriate bank clearing charges must be included while drawing cheques on bank accounts outside Baroda. The cash payment should be made to the treasurer of IMS only. IMS does not take responsibility for the loss of cheque / demand draft in the transit.
An authentic money receipt will be issued to person/institution applying for member­ship. In case of demand draft or cheque, receipt will become effective only after the realisation of demand draft or cheque with the bank. The IMS board of trustees and executives hold a right to accept or reject a particular membership application. In case of a rejection, the amount paid will be returned by cheque to the applicant by registered post. The receipt can be issued in favour of a person, organisation or both. Unless stated specifically otherwise, the receipt will be issued in the name of the applicant seeking the membership.

Constructive suggestions from fellow membranologists to advance the scope and activities of IMS are highly appreciated.

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